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Hello Again
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Posted by sdanger on April 13, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Well the news is errrrr! There isn't much news really. It's all quiet on the WOLFSBANE front. 2 gigs to play ummmmm! That's about it.
I'm still loving my new bike. Piece of overpriced and fitted with the cheapest parts iron I've ever bought. I'm pretty disgusted at Harley Davidson for their cost cutting and overpricing. Still it's a fucker it's nearly double the American price which also is wank. But hey!!
Dunno if anybody ever reads my ramblings. That's all for today, see you again in about a year.........
Just kidding. Keep it Rock you fuckerz. Dx Confused

Still here
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Posted by sdanger on September 25, 2012 at 10:31 PM
Been very quiet on here. Been working hard, well going to festivals and getting drunk. Got knocked off me V-Max.
So I treated myself to a new V-Rod Its longer and lower and quite a bit slower. Might stay alive a bit longer tho'

Hey we got a tour in a few weeks fuckin cool.

See you there fuckers........Dx

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Posted by sdanger on June 3, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Just sitting here whistling The Scorpions Winds Of Change. Looking at the rain.........

my poor bike
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Posted by sdanger on May 16, 2012 at 10:53 AM
Got knocked off my bike a week ago. Bollox.......Dx

09-01-2012 Nico's Chop Shop
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:16 AM
Nicks fork seal had gone pop and his back tyre had squared off nicely so it needed some work doing on it. we went round to Whiskas's place for a few beers he needed a new back tyre as well so it was off to Nickos chop shop the next day. Jessie Whiskas's son on his sweet looking sporster or Slugger as he affectionately called by Whiskas Nick and myself.  Roll round early afternoon to Nicko workng on this mad looking red chop looked pretty neat. Then I nosed about his work shop. There was a mad burnt orange fairly stock affair apart from a huge supercharger bolted to the side and Nicko's own chop. With a mad twin carb set up and a cool suicide shift In the shape of a shotgun. I'll put pix up. 
Back to Nicks for beer and to watch the Guard as he'd downloaded it. 

10-01-12.............Off to Melbourne for a last night of bowze in Australia. Im going with a great tan on me baldy heed. Well it would be a great tan if it wasn't peeling like I've got leporacy. It's a good look for the laydeez. My head resembles a tiger loaf in Asda's bakery. 

Homeward Bound
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:14 AM
I can honestly say that he Australian Great Ocean Rd. is the best road trip I've done. Loads of great corners on the little Honda a fuckin' great bike for this terrain. Riding into Anglesea we encountered 2 very wide Harley's. 
Nick said he couldn't believe how slow they were going. We couldn't get past them as their handlebars made them as wide as a car each and they were so low they couldn't get round the slightest corner. Still I suppose if you want to pose you need to crawl along. 
Anglesea, Baccus Marsh and to Shepperton 
The treck to Shep. Nick avoided as much of the freeway as possible which was great. The road to Baccus took us through the Lerderberg state park. Had a pie in Baccus then to Shep. Hit the bottle store for beers. Aaaaaaaaaand relaxxxxx. 

Heading For The Blue Sky and the pub
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:12 AM
Halls Gap to Port Fairy, Portland to Warnambool. That's a bit of backtracking was going to stop at Portland but that turned out to be a complete kip of a place. 
Warnambool, Apollo Bay to Anglesea...
Great Ocean Rd. got to be one of the best biking roads in the world. The little Honda could take nearly every corner at twice the indicated safe speed. Dropping into Apollo Bay where the blue ocean blends into the blue sea. And the sunlight through the tree leaves gives a strobing effect. Enhancing the effect of the corners. Absolutely perfect apart from the odd 1 or 2 cars slowing the pace down. Also I have to keep stopping after about 15 mins to let Nick on the chop catch up. (chops/low riders don't corner that well).

Throw another Roo on the Barbie
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:10 AM
Bright to Bendigo to Avoca to Halls Gap
The weather was looking good so we headed back along the way we had travelled then head out to the Grampians a mountain range of stunning beauty. You can see it miles away in the distance. And the roads were as close to perfect as you get. Had kangaroo steak whilst watching kangaroos watching me. Is that a bit sick?? 

How Fuckin' Fast
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:01 AM
Nick was able at first to catch me out with the torque of the Harley he'd wrong gear me as he accelerated away, I soon caught up after dabbing down 2 I'm used to being able to just twist the throttle and accelerate like a missile on my V-Max. The Honda is a 600 1/2 the size of my Max. 
That said once you get the little fucker up into its power band it flies 200kmh no worries as I zapped passed Nick dropping down a strait heading towards Bright. There's a certain point you have to back off as you approach the car in front at twice the speed limit you think. Shit is that a cop and brake pretty damn sharpish, also everything's all blurred so you can't be really sure. Bright was quite cool. Bad idea going away in summer hols, place was fuckin packed. Went to Brights own brewery and gave the wheat beer a fuckin' tanning. 

What's that Skip. Dangers here again. Fak!!!
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 07:54 AM
I can't thank Nick and Mechelle enough for putting up with me, feeding, entertaining and making me feel at home for the second time. Youd've thought they would have learned 3 years ago. Thanks guys. Xx
Nicks second bike (the one I was to ride)  is a Honda CBR600F which is ridiculously small and light. Its all new and strange to me, ive only ridden a fully faired bike once before for about 15 mins. And takes 3 hours or so to start gaining confidence. There's no wind blast on your chest to indicate how fast you're travelling which is very unnerving at first. And the little fucker goes round corners like nothing I'd ridden before. We did Shepperton to Mansfield then Whitfield then Bright a good first day.

Spew Year Oztraylia
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 07:51 AM
New Years Day 
Drive to the airport. Fly to Melbourne, the guard on the inflight movies brilliant.  35 degrees into the garage Nicks Newkie Brown home brew, and his pale ale. There is no let up :-)  Michelle's Thai cooking was fantastic. The dogs block of ice in his water bowl. "That'll stay frozen for a couple of hours." says Nick.  3/4 of an hour later it had melted. Fuck it's warm wringing wet from sweat from a short bike ride tomorrow's gonna be a grueller. A few more beers in the garage. There was a  monster huntsman's spider in the living room as big as a mouse on steroids bench pressing the telly, they make you jump. Still got a fucked up sleep pattern. No idea how my days are completely reversed yet I'm still waking up at 3 o fucking clock!! SHIT OFF!!!

Spew Zeeland
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 07:49 AM
Got picked up at the airport, off to Teatatu Auckland to Jackies house. This is a very nice affair with 2 decks a great view of the harbour, and one of the city which is about 1/2hr drive away. Crash out early then up off to a festival for day after boxing day. 
Festival was good. Met a load of folks including the singer Jordan from The Exponents who was great like a big happy juracell bunny bouncing about had a few beers with him and his wife. Hooled down with rain for the last act which wass a shame and they went on 3/4hr late  sleep in the car  justs what you need the day after 24 hours in a plane seat. 
Went visiting people id met last time i 
Was down here trying to chill out. Jackie said some friends had invited everyone to a party back where we'd been for the festival. Load up the car and back the party.
New Year Eve with the New Zealand female police force. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. Ive got a vague memory of wearing a coconut bra and dancing with 4 glow sticks.  Happy New Year........

Oz Tra fuckin Layzee er
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Posted by sdanger on January 5, 2012 at 12:11 PM
I flew out of Heathrow 18:45 Christmas eve heading for New Zealand and Australia for a month. 
I don't know what it is, I've not liked Christmas in the UK for years now. Yeah miserable bastard that I am, my fucked up sleep pattern isn't assisting my mood in any way either, there's just something about it that doesn't fill me with joy and happiness. And this year especially with the way the fucktarded pricks who have managed to blow all the country's finances on whatever they've spent all our futures on seemed worse than most. 
I stayed at home last year and it was fine, I just needed to get away and a road trip round OZ seemed perfect. 
So with all of a weeks planning I packed my bags at 6:30 Christmas eve morning and set off for Dangerbus's yard where I was leaving my car. 
I've learned the most stress free way to travel is to write off any day you're travelling and just get everywhere stupidly early. (People with kids sorry you can't do this). 
Get to the airport with loads of time to spare, straight to the pub after check in. Chill!!
1st leg to Hong Kong plane rammed!! A couple of beers on the plane sleep. 
Hello Hong Kong airport 8 hour stop over. Fuck the stress I'm not going anywhere find the Irish bar. I've been here a few times and can't find it nooooooooo!!!! So that's why I'm in the Carlsberg 1. "I'll have some nachos as well mate". That's Christmas dinner as well then. 
Board plane I know from my online check in that I've got a window seat of 3 empty but there's a row of 4 right next to me empty. There's 4 people behind me as we board so in theory if one of those fuckerz isn't in it it's mine. 
What's this an empty row of extra economy $100 extra for massive leg room. Think I'll just plonk myself here and see what happens. Danger gives himself a free upgrade. Champers Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. 

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Posted by sdanger on December 16, 2011 at 08:07 AM
What the Fuckity Fuck....Missed this shizz sorreeeee. Not that many folk read my hard work!!!
Oxford Academy
Ah the gleaming spires of Oxford, home of the intellectual elite of this green and pleasant gland. 
Here's a question if these people are so intelligent. Why are they the biggest Stupidest CUNTS ON THE PLANNET?? 
There is not one time I've been to Oxford and not wanted to kill some FUKIN' pissed up dumb CUNT 'stewdent'
Of you're going to ride your fuckin wanky black push bike all over the road, wearing all black and no lights. Cos you're a 'legend' please don't get upset if I mow you down because I didn't see you as its FUCKING NIGHT AND YOU'RE AS GOOD AS INVISABLE. Yeah! Real intelligent. FUCKING PRICK!!! 
That said I do like Oxford Atomic Burger shit load of pubs pretty scenery. There's a lot worse places in the World. Brian the drivers stomping ground. Stumpy from the Almighty turned up!!! Oh deary, deary me. I saw Gallows in the Academy 2 with Frank hanging from the rafters blood pouring down his face a good night. 
Was a tad apprehensive as this hadn't sold as well as the other shows. But a healthy walk up crowd laid my fears to rest. The show went off like a hot bottle of Champers that's been shaken like a porn star going for the money shot. I heard Stumpy heckle Blaze. Kelli from Obsessive got up and sung Ezy with us. Metal salutes on high on to the drinking, drug taking, bestiality, S&M and bondage. 
We had a FUCKIN' great tour a FUCKIN' great time. Roll on the festivals and the next TOUR. Howling Mad Shitheads. You fuckin' betchya. LOVE YOU ALL (esp the laydeez). Steve Doctor Danger. Dx. 

Down Time Tues 13 Dec
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Posted by sdanger on December 15, 2011 at 02:32 AM
Got back to the yard. Both bear and myself started packing our lives back into our travel bags. I was sorting my paperwork out, bear tidied up the kitchen and washed up. I fell into a couldn't be arsed trance. By 10pm bear had gone just me no beer as Gav had drunk the fucking lot. A pint of orange and Southpark on the telly. Woke up on the back lounge table at 2am went to bed. Got up at 5:30am started stripping the beds before I had to move my bus as I was blocking the yard up. Back to bed about 10am up at 1pm to drive home. Chinese and a bottle of wine. Fall asleep 9:30Pm up at 1am mooching about the house. Read a bit put some music on. Fuckin sleep pattern!!
I'm writing this at 3:30 Thursday morning FUCKIN' SLEEP PATTERN!!!

Last Days of Wild Beasts.....,Boo Hoo :'(
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Posted by sdanger on December 15, 2011 at 02:20 AM
Bastard, Bastard really wanted to catch the last show, or part of it but slept through. Long haul to the ferry in Rotterdam. What The Fuck 2 German truck stops woefully low on Haribo, and only a handful of wine gums to last. Finished my driving Bear takes over as the crew kept dangling a cold bottle of beer in my face. Get to ferry port hours early. To the pub before embarkation. Utter shit Guinness Sam n Tim the Swag had. I got 3 nice pints of Jupiler. Onto the ferry. 3 Wrongbow then bed. Fuck Me bear can't half snore.  Pinged wide awake at 3 bears snoring wouldn't let me sleep. Breakfast in the truckers lounge. The usual stories I guess. As I couldn't understand the low murmur of former Eastern European. 
Bear did the first 4 hours I went back to sleep. Now we're just passing Oxford Services its 7pm. 12 hours since Hull. Just Bear Gav n Me on the bus in the miserable rain. Rock and indeed Roll....

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Posted by sdanger on December 10, 2011 at 02:51 PM
The snow didn't turn up. But driving sleet did. Down to just under 
1/4 tank of fuel. Don't 
Want to fill up at Swedish prices so pull in I'll 1/2 fill. Will I fuck the pump wouldn't take my fuel card. No one in the station so my credit card was used. Poxy pump cut off after SK500 worth of fuel. 30 litres I want 200. Fuck this I'll try my luck next services. By now I'm piss wet through and bastard freezing. My thumbs had gone weird. And the bastard receipt blew out of the machine before I could grab it. I was chasing it round the iced up shit arsed forecourt. I sulked back to my bus made a coffee then sulked some more. Bear got up I was a bit knackered so he took over after a quick piss stop. I got up after 3 hours then took us into Malmo. The Debaser is a strange looking cricket pavilion type affair, no power left out. Have to keep the engine running till someone turns up too cold to turn the heating off. They did great in house food  then I had a Quick clean while the band were on. Back to bed for the massive 3/4hr drive to Copenhagen. 


Panic, PANIC real low on fuel last stop before the bridge n tunnel into Denmark is off the motorway. I knew there was a fuel station by the airport, didn't know you can't get a bus into it. BOLLOX trusty Doris my Scat Nav said there 
Was a station on route, phew!!! Just as the fuel light came on. Took my fuel card. 300 Litres please. Happy Danger! Park outside the venue power up....Aaaaaaaaand sleep

Wild Beasts (Reprise)
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Posted by sdanger on December 8, 2011 at 06:02 PM
Oslo Parkteatret Dec 7

After the madness of the Wolfie tour I had 1 night at home then off to Lundumb to fly out to Oslo to pick up the Wild Beasts tour again. I had a night on 'Arrys bus as I was flying the following morning. I don't do this panic rushing to catch a flight. Had a few bevvies and a good old catch up. Then morning off to Spoons for breakfast. Get a lift to Shatwick, the Ryan Air experience then Fuckin snow of Oslo. Oh joy!! 

Sweden Stockholm Debaser Dec 8

Traveling from Oslo to Stockholm i did the 1st 3 hours then went to bed. Got up after 2 hours kip. Didn't have to it turns out. Mooch about go to make Bear (my double driver) a coffee. All the waters frozen bollox. Back to bed for an hour. Took longer to get to Stockholm a lot of ice on the roads. 
Doss about in venue go back to bus. Powers tripped fucks sake!!! 
Back to bed weather forecast for tonight heavy snow. Great esp as we're going over the mountains. Can't fuckin' wait. 

Ooooh Aaaaah....I ache
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Posted by sdanger on December 5, 2011 at 08:06 AM
Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn 

PRESFUCKINTATYN......My fucking God how good was that shit? Great time for us to go on stage. Amazing reaction from the crowd. If we didn't take the roof off, there's a team of Lederhosen adorned workmen up there repairing the damage we caused. Fuckin great on stage sound, Blaze was like a man possessed. Then partying till cunt o clock. Thanks to Ginger for leaving all his booze behind as he was flying to Helstinki. Us and Obsessive Compulsion made short work of that. Then the band I've waited 15 years to see THERAPY? Demolished the building and my liver and kidneys. Fucking amazing night. I thank you all. collapse drunk about 4am. Winner!!!

Birmingham Academy

Saturday is Metal day in my books. Started by buying a load of Magners as to stave off any chance of sobriety. Lots of random shouting of Happy Metal day to anyone I saw. In just my boxer pulled up to my nipples in a comedic Simon Cowell stance. Displaying a fine man camel toe...........The journey wasn't the most pleasurable. 
Soundcheck done cut the bandages off my fingers head off to the buffty pub as Brian calls it. The Wellington for a few ales. 
The gig was fucking great. Sold out. Closest to home gig we played, lots of friends and relations in the crowd. Another mental gig. Back to the bufty pub till they threw us out. On to the hotel to carry on until 3. Early night. 

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Posted by sdanger on December 2, 2011 at 12:14 PM
London Islington Academy Dec 1

Obsessive Compulsive who were the main support on this tour luverlee folks and a great band. It was their drummer Danny21st birthday. Jase presented him with a cake he had lovingly decorated with a green cock. The opening act Bad Touch were good too with the singer rocking a Dashing musketeer look. The show was a stormer including a short skirt, stocking wearing dancer/stage diver. The only time it's a good view for a drummer :-) then got piss twatted to various disco and metal tunes in the van. Now I'm shaking like a shitting dog with Billy Ocean's Red Light going round my head. The fuckin glamour. 
Come On Hard Rock Hell let's see what you've fukin got. What ever it is I'll take double.......whys the soles of my feet aching and my hands look like I've been wanking with sandpaper. 'Rock n Fukin Roll' Kyles on Brian just piped up. "Look at that snaggle toothed crack whore. This is the only programme you can't have a wank to." 
Pretty accurate observation I recon. 

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Posted by sdanger on December 2, 2011 at 12:13 PM
Southampton Joiners nov 30

Don't be tempted by those mini fridges with tubs of ice cream in them at service stations. The ice cream is probably frosted (not the sexual splatter type) it was fuking horrid. Anyhow got to the a joiners early I needed some dry cleaning doing. No one there off to the pub then. This boozer The Kingsland Tavern looks a tad suspect, the bad painting on the board over the window through which I recon someone was persuaded to leave. And a shelf full of Gold Label doesn't fill me with confidence. 
The Joiners is a proper old style venue, dressing rooms are the converted living space. Gig gets packed and it's hot as Hell. Gig was well good. I did a little sick while I was playing, couldn't do the full yakk as I wouldn't have been able to stop. The only thing I could do was chew it down, shouldn't have eaten that pasta earlier. Gig over we all looked like we'd had a shower but it was all sweat. Curry for some I didn't eat or drink cos I was feeling ropey. 
It's now the morning I feel fine tho odd as I'm not hung over. Day time TV is wank!! 

and this bit
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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Glasgow was a mental show Blaze was carried about by the crowd we played a complete blinder the crowd were absolutely fucking mental, and a girl at the front right in the middle with fantastic boobs. What a fantastic night got back to the hotel more drink and there was an ex roadie for Venom staying there, cue a load more drinking. Off to Scousepool tomorrow…………

what a twat I am
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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 07:07 PM
What the fuck is going on why wont my post, post.
Probably co's ive been posting in the news section like a fuckin bell ender.

The WOLFSBANE juggernaut rolls on the same old road stories. Dunk the guitar tech recons he's shagged my Mom using a dog as a condom. He's lying because it was my Dad. Family Guy on the DVD and the van rockings making me feel sick. I really must stop mixing wine with beer, cider, whiskey, tequila and crunchies im feeling ill and its only day 3.
On to bonny Scotland ready for another night of madness, badness and animal sex.

Glasgow ABC 26th Nov
Get to the ABC Skrillex have parked their bus directly outside the bastards. Never mind load our shit into the gig, get on the sound check the local sound engineer is a top bloke and sorted our sound and lights. Off to the Variety bar for a couple of Guinness’s Me mate Bert was there on one of the most mental motorbikes known to man. Watched him wheel spin off in the rain back to the gig. Time to man up pour ½ a bottle of old spice all over me. Old Spice for going on, Brut apre show.

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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 12:40 PM
Cardiff  Clwb Ifor Bach Nov 29
They'll be a Welcome in The Hillside
Welsh Wales, Stereophonics, Tom Jones, Cerys Mathews, Charlotte Church, Dame Shirley Bassey and Catherine Jenkins. All piss heads the lot of em. And what of the WOLFSBANE Welsh crowd. All fukin piss heads the lot of them. Blinding gig, I played all the right songs in all the right places and finally got them all right YAYYYY!!! It's only taken me 20 odd years 10 kids 4 divorces and an ASBO to do it but I did. So it was major party time in the club after. Dad dancing to modern tunes like that new fangled noisy music by Metal licker I think they're called and that Slayer guff. I showed those youngsters some new hip moves. Down with the kids like Gary Glitter. I thought it was just like back in the day thought some girl wanted me in the toilet. Built disappointed when I realised she thought I worked there and wanted directions to the toilet. They keep asking for Charlie too. How the fuck am I supposed to know who he is. 
Woke up alone in my room Blaze had gone. I wondered if it was because of my snoring. Or if Id tried to fuck him in my drunken slumber or the suspect brown stains all over the bed sheets. (maybe we did have back door slamming in the night). 
Had a shower then went to breakfast. Blaze was already down there and he explained the stains.....

Off we set to sunny Southampton famous for seafaring and the Titanic
The day was going fine until I discovered someone had wanked into my ice cream. 
And I thought it was jelly tots but it turns out to be smarties. 

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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Liverpool Sun 29th
Was looking for the cock head statue on the motorway. Then Jeff pointed out it was the wrong motorway. I was a tad pissed off as Dunc (guitar tech) hadn't seen it, I think it looks like him.
Got to the venue gear up sound check off to the pub. Usually I'd go to The Old Swan but was feeling lazy, Went to Ma Eggs instead. A few Guinness later back to the venue.
Gig went great. Turns out that WOLFSBANE do touch people's lives not just their Moms. Marcus Noon jacked his job to see us. That's the power of the WOLFSBANE  putting people on the Dole since 1984. All the right songs in all the right places. Blaze was off on one, love it when he gets real animated. Was a bit dark up on stage still  fuckin' great reaction."

Day off rest recuperation. Well a few beers in Rugeley with my Rugeley crew. Then back to Tamworth for a few more. 
Stix turned to me during the evening meal banter and said. You truly are a terrible, evil man, I thanked him for that compliment. 
Then Brian piped up
There was a period of about 4 minutes there in the van where you didn't say the word cock. 
Yeah I was asleep I replied. 

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Posted by sdanger on November 26, 2011 at 01:26 PM
Birmingham Madhouse 23rd Nov
The day before the tour. This is a special day for us as we are all actually going to be together in the same room at the same time, and it’s the day before the tour starts. Carrying on the long standing Wolfsbane tradition of never knowingly over rehearsed.
I was ½ hour late getting there loaded my drums in and was unpacking them when Jeff said “have you heard Blaze isn’t coming” I wasn’t best pleased at that news!!!!
Anyhow enough of this bollox we rehearsed, Blaze turned up about 6 went again about 6:45pm. A typical start to a Wolfsbane tour.
Sheffield Academy  24th Nov
Met the crew Brian the splitter driver, Stix Drum tech, jump in the van piss stop Brian collers all the Levi Roots pasties (These are the new Rock n Roll food of the road) Ginsters need to step up their game!!!
Sheffield met Dunc put the shit up on stage did a decent sound check. I went out shopping for a tux jacket at this present time were sitting in the dressing room destroying the rider……….
Well that gig went really well, there were quite a few unique renditions of some of our songs, versions that will never be played again.
It was a really good 1st gig of the tour…
Roll round to the hotel for the usual late night Drink,Drugs,Hookers and animals fest. Gonna be a good tour I feel.
Newcastle Academy 25th Nov
Feeling slightly ropey after last nights shenanigans got the Levi Roots pasties onto Nooastle.  Me poofy hands are in bits got blisters on my blisters and for some stooped reason I couldn’t remember how one of our new songs went so I made a complete cock of myself. No change there then. Sitting in the dressing room not destroying the rider but trying to work out why I fucked up that song so badly….

Day Off Leeds Nov 13th
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Posted by sdanger on November 21, 2011 at 08:38 PM
Ah forgot to add some fuckin toe rag put one of the other busses side window through last night. Didn't rob anything it turns out just smashed the window. Cunts. 
True to form day off Cafe Rouge for eggs benedict a couple of glasses of wine read my book. Get bored go to the gym for a sauna, steam, jacuzzi chill. Have some more booze trundle back to bus leave for Edinburgh Midnight. 

Edinburgh-Liquid Room-Nov 14

This is one of the smaller gigs on this tour 600 cap. But one of the. Est specced. The PA could blow out the back wall all controlled by the Mother of sound boards the mighty Midas XL8. This brute took up the space of 50 people. Aaaaaanyway. It fooookin rocked in there the sub base making me want to drop my Haggis, neeps n tatties where I stood. J

Aberdeen-Lemon Tree-Nov 15

Been a while since I was in Aberdeen. Fantastic gothic buildings and one if the worst fucked up 50's to 70's architectural messes anywhere. Awful concrete boxes that look like municipal car parks with windows next to beautiful towering granite fortress like buildings. Such a shame. Anyhow the a Lemon Tree is fine people lovely very hard to understand the prevailing main accent there. I'm not too hot on Eastern European. 

Wild Beasts Europe
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Posted by sdanger on November 20, 2011 at 03:43 PM
Fucks sake and Fuck My Life. I've not written owt for fuckin ages. 

Got my fuckin dates mixed up n all. Did Brum on the 10th

Oxford-Academy-Nov 11
Good start to the day cunty cyclist with no lights gets forced up kerb and swears at fat bald bus driver. Driver couldnt care much as the prick was wearing all black only saw him after he yelled at me. Park up at Venue 1st in for shower go for a wander up town. Walk miles to Café Rouge for eggs benedict. Thwarted closed for refurb. Sulk all the way back to coffee shop. The most amazing pecan maple syrup cake to go with my coffe. Free Internet watch porn n the world go by.  The fantastic Atomic Burger Fed me later with some Corona to drink. Good gig. 

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, leeds-Nov 12th
Home coming gig. Parked on a vastard hill... Once the PA guys had relented *Their desk didn't work* our boys got on it sorted their shit. We got on with it loads of bands playing as it was a festival. As the PA's desk died for the 3rd time for the band on before us. Their drummer went I know how to cure this. Sparked up a big fatty and just smoked it till the problem was solved. Monster Afro and cool attitude wins him man of the day award. 
Another great show damn im getting  repettative. 

Wild Beasts Winter 2011
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Posted by sdanger on November 16, 2011 at 12:44 PM
Amsterdam-Melkweg-Nov 7

I like the Melkweg the venues are great sold out show tonight. I bimbled about the Dam from the early hours had a massive walk just deliberately not taking any notice where I'm going. I must go on a canal trip one day, the number of times I've been there. Ended up back in the Irish bar for food and Guinness. 

Brussels-Le Botanique-Orangerie-Nov 9

Steady trundle through Belgium Cops like to take money off you here. Go into Brussels on an unfamiliar Rd as I've got loads of time. Get to the venue at 7 there's another bus in my parking spot. We were told we were OK until 9. I wasn't that arsed so double parked outside a hotel. Come 9:30 it's taking the piss a bit the other bands tour manager had told his crew they were OK until 12. They didn't look best pleased when they finally got to their bus. Oh well Rock n Roll. Great gig tonight band are well on it now. 

Britain - Nov 10

Chunnel Fr very cheap wine me n Olly grabbed a few cases

Birmingham - institute - Nov 11

Yayyyy Brum yayy 2 night liners with trailers ain't gonna fit in that yard. We're in the bigger room sold out we get the park!! Drag the arse off my bus wheels spinning to get parked....Relax Café Rouge for breakfast, Big Bull for dinner. Well Irish centre fed us in typical Irish style. 'Were out of pie tops so we've put more potato on them' genius. 
Met Jaseface in The Big Bull for a Guinness he bought me a few CD's they look well cool. And fliers for the shows. 
Wild Beasts were awesome tonight including crowd surfers???? If you've heard their music style you'd be puzzled at that too. 

Wild Beast European Tour
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Posted by sdanger on November 8, 2011 at 06:29 PM
Hamburg-Campnagle-Nov 4
Yassss Hamburg. Reeperbhan, St Pauli (new clothes), great restaurants. Hang on East Hamburg what the fuck????  
Drive into the courtyard, the key to the barrier it taped under the letterbox. Hmmmmmm!! As it turns out the venue is yet again as old German factory of a certain vntage that I will not mention. Suffice to say on the evidence presented to both myself and Olly monitor guy. We deduced that we are playing in an old natzi submerine factory. And nothing anyone could say could persuade us different. 20 mins in a cab from Reeperbhan can't be arsed with that shizz. Ah well another day dossing about the venue. A few coffees and watch the band.  Nice. 

 Cologne-Gabaude 9-Nov 5

Oochya cunt. Parking across the entrance. Good job swag man Toms up to help me reverse in. After a bit of fucking about and German upsetting we get in. Well it's a bit of a punk gig. Can't be arsed moving from the bus, read a fair bit then watched the show. 

Day Off-Nov 6

AMSTERDAM full steam ahead. Did a snidey sneak into parking behind the Melkweg. Can't park till 12. Danger in breakfast at 7 get the fuck in. Gav suggested the footy at 11. I was wankered by 4, in bed for 7. Wide awake at 12 watching films till 7. 
Sam and Tommy swag rolled in at a respectable 5 with a fantastic diatribe. "Fuck Scotty fuck you all. I piss shit on all of the stoner pussies, this is how you get fucked up in Amsterdam.  Absolute genius......

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