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Wild Beasts Europe
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Posted by sdanger on November 20, 2011 at 03:43 PM
Fucks sake and Fuck My Life. I've not written owt for fuckin ages. 

Got my fuckin dates mixed up n all. Did Brum on the 10th

Oxford-Academy-Nov 11
Good start to the day cunty cyclist with no lights gets forced up kerb and swears at fat bald bus driver. Driver couldnt care much as the prick was wearing all black only saw him after he yelled at me. Park up at Venue 1st in for shower go for a wander up town. Walk miles to Café Rouge for eggs benedict. Thwarted closed for refurb. Sulk all the way back to coffee shop. The most amazing pecan maple syrup cake to go with my coffe. Free Internet watch porn n the world go by.  The fantastic Atomic Burger Fed me later with some Corona to drink. Good gig. 

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, leeds-Nov 12th
Home coming gig. Parked on a vastard hill... Once the PA guys had relented *Their desk didn't work* our boys got on it sorted their shit. We got on with it loads of bands playing as it was a festival. As the PA's desk died for the 3rd time for the band on before us. Their drummer went I know how to cure this. Sparked up a big fatty and just smoked it till the problem was solved. Monster Afro and cool attitude wins him man of the day award. 
Another great show damn im getting  repettative. 

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