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Day Off Leeds Nov 13th
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Posted by sdanger on November 21, 2011 at 08:38 PM
Ah forgot to add some fuckin toe rag put one of the other busses side window through last night. Didn't rob anything it turns out just smashed the window. Cunts. 
True to form day off Cafe Rouge for eggs benedict a couple of glasses of wine read my book. Get bored go to the gym for a sauna, steam, jacuzzi chill. Have some more booze trundle back to bus leave for Edinburgh Midnight. 

Edinburgh-Liquid Room-Nov 14

This is one of the smaller gigs on this tour 600 cap. But one of the. Est specced. The PA could blow out the back wall all controlled by the Mother of sound boards the mighty Midas XL8. This brute took up the space of 50 people. Aaaaaanyway. It fooookin rocked in there the sub base making me want to drop my Haggis, neeps n tatties where I stood. J

Aberdeen-Lemon Tree-Nov 15

Been a while since I was in Aberdeen. Fantastic gothic buildings and one if the worst fucked up 50's to 70's architectural messes anywhere. Awful concrete boxes that look like municipal car parks with windows next to beautiful towering granite fortress like buildings. Such a shame. Anyhow the a Lemon Tree is fine people lovely very hard to understand the prevailing main accent there. I'm not too hot on Eastern European. 

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