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Posted by sdanger on November 26, 2011 at 01:26 PM
Birmingham Madhouse 23rd Nov
The day before the tour. This is a special day for us as we are all actually going to be together in the same room at the same time, and it’s the day before the tour starts. Carrying on the long standing Wolfsbane tradition of never knowingly over rehearsed.
I was ½ hour late getting there loaded my drums in and was unpacking them when Jeff said “have you heard Blaze isn’t coming” I wasn’t best pleased at that news!!!!
Anyhow enough of this bollox we rehearsed, Blaze turned up about 6 went again about 6:45pm. A typical start to a Wolfsbane tour.
Sheffield Academy  24th Nov
Met the crew Brian the splitter driver, Stix Drum tech, jump in the van piss stop Brian collers all the Levi Roots pasties (These are the new Rock n Roll food of the road) Ginsters need to step up their game!!!
Sheffield met Dunc put the shit up on stage did a decent sound check. I went out shopping for a tux jacket at this present time were sitting in the dressing room destroying the rider……….
Well that gig went really well, there were quite a few unique renditions of some of our songs, versions that will never be played again.
It was a really good 1st gig of the tour…
Roll round to the hotel for the usual late night Drink,Drugs,Hookers and animals fest. Gonna be a good tour I feel.
Newcastle Academy 25th Nov
Feeling slightly ropey after last nights shenanigans got the Levi Roots pasties onto Nooastle.  Me poofy hands are in bits got blisters on my blisters and for some stooped reason I couldn’t remember how one of our new songs went so I made a complete cock of myself. No change there then. Sitting in the dressing room not destroying the rider but trying to work out why I fucked up that song so badly….

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