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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Liverpool Sun 29th
Was looking for the cock head statue on the motorway. Then Jeff pointed out it was the wrong motorway. I was a tad pissed off as Dunc (guitar tech) hadn't seen it, I think it looks like him.
Got to the venue gear up sound check off to the pub. Usually I'd go to The Old Swan but was feeling lazy, Went to Ma Eggs instead. A few Guinness later back to the venue.
Gig went great. Turns out that WOLFSBANE do touch people's lives not just their Moms. Marcus Noon jacked his job to see us. That's the power of the WOLFSBANE  putting people on the Dole since 1984. All the right songs in all the right places. Blaze was off on one, love it when he gets real animated. Was a bit dark up on stage still  fuckin' great reaction."

Day off rest recuperation. Well a few beers in Rugeley with my Rugeley crew. Then back to Tamworth for a few more. 
Stix turned to me during the evening meal banter and said. You truly are a terrible, evil man, I thanked him for that compliment. 
Then Brian piped up
There was a period of about 4 minutes there in the van where you didn't say the word cock. 
Yeah I was asleep I replied. 

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