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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 12:40 PM
Cardiff  Clwb Ifor Bach Nov 29
They'll be a Welcome in The Hillside
Welsh Wales, Stereophonics, Tom Jones, Cerys Mathews, Charlotte Church, Dame Shirley Bassey and Catherine Jenkins. All piss heads the lot of em. And what of the WOLFSBANE Welsh crowd. All fukin piss heads the lot of them. Blinding gig, I played all the right songs in all the right places and finally got them all right YAYYYY!!! It's only taken me 20 odd years 10 kids 4 divorces and an ASBO to do it but I did. So it was major party time in the club after. Dad dancing to modern tunes like that new fangled noisy music by Metal licker I think they're called and that Slayer guff. I showed those youngsters some new hip moves. Down with the kids like Gary Glitter. I thought it was just like back in the day thought some girl wanted me in the toilet. Built disappointed when I realised she thought I worked there and wanted directions to the toilet. They keep asking for Charlie too. How the fuck am I supposed to know who he is. 
Woke up alone in my room Blaze had gone. I wondered if it was because of my snoring. Or if Id tried to fuck him in my drunken slumber or the suspect brown stains all over the bed sheets. (maybe we did have back door slamming in the night). 
Had a shower then went to breakfast. Blaze was already down there and he explained the stains.....

Off we set to sunny Southampton famous for seafaring and the Titanic
The day was going fine until I discovered someone had wanked into my ice cream. 
And I thought it was jelly tots but it turns out to be smarties. 

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