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what a twat I am
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Posted by sdanger on November 30, 2011 at 07:07 PM
What the fuck is going on why wont my post, post.
Probably co's ive been posting in the news section like a fuckin bell ender.

The WOLFSBANE juggernaut rolls on the same old road stories. Dunk the guitar tech recons he's shagged my Mom using a dog as a condom. He's lying because it was my Dad. Family Guy on the DVD and the van rockings making me feel sick. I really must stop mixing wine with beer, cider, whiskey, tequila and crunchies im feeling ill and its only day 3.
On to bonny Scotland ready for another night of madness, badness and animal sex.

Glasgow ABC 26th Nov
Get to the ABC Skrillex have parked their bus directly outside the bastards. Never mind load our shit into the gig, get on the sound check the local sound engineer is a top bloke and sorted our sound and lights. Off to the Variety bar for a couple of Guinness’s Me mate Bert was there on one of the most mental motorbikes known to man. Watched him wheel spin off in the rain back to the gig. Time to man up pour ½ a bottle of old spice all over me. Old Spice for going on, Brut apre show.

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