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Posted by sdanger on December 2, 2011 at 12:13 PM
Southampton Joiners nov 30

Don't be tempted by those mini fridges with tubs of ice cream in them at service stations. The ice cream is probably frosted (not the sexual splatter type) it was fuking horrid. Anyhow got to the a joiners early I needed some dry cleaning doing. No one there off to the pub then. This boozer The Kingsland Tavern looks a tad suspect, the bad painting on the board over the window through which I recon someone was persuaded to leave. And a shelf full of Gold Label doesn't fill me with confidence. 
The Joiners is a proper old style venue, dressing rooms are the converted living space. Gig gets packed and it's hot as Hell. Gig was well good. I did a little sick while I was playing, couldn't do the full yakk as I wouldn't have been able to stop. The only thing I could do was chew it down, shouldn't have eaten that pasta earlier. Gig over we all looked like we'd had a shower but it was all sweat. Curry for some I didn't eat or drink cos I was feeling ropey. 
It's now the morning I feel fine tho odd as I'm not hung over. Day time TV is wank!! 

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