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Posted by sdanger on December 2, 2011 at 12:14 PM
London Islington Academy Dec 1

Obsessive Compulsive who were the main support on this tour luverlee folks and a great band. It was their drummer Danny21st birthday. Jase presented him with a cake he had lovingly decorated with a green cock. The opening act Bad Touch were good too with the singer rocking a Dashing musketeer look. The show was a stormer including a short skirt, stocking wearing dancer/stage diver. The only time it's a good view for a drummer :-) then got piss twatted to various disco and metal tunes in the van. Now I'm shaking like a shitting dog with Billy Ocean's Red Light going round my head. The fuckin glamour. 
Come On Hard Rock Hell let's see what you've fukin got. What ever it is I'll take double.......whys the soles of my feet aching and my hands look like I've been wanking with sandpaper. 'Rock n Fukin Roll' Kyles on Brian just piped up. "Look at that snaggle toothed crack whore. This is the only programme you can't have a wank to." 
Pretty accurate observation I recon. 

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