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Ooooh Aaaaah....I ache
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Posted by sdanger on December 5, 2011 at 08:06 AM
Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn 

PRESFUCKINTATYN......My fucking God how good was that shit? Great time for us to go on stage. Amazing reaction from the crowd. If we didn't take the roof off, there's a team of Lederhosen adorned workmen up there repairing the damage we caused. Fuckin great on stage sound, Blaze was like a man possessed. Then partying till cunt o clock. Thanks to Ginger for leaving all his booze behind as he was flying to Helstinki. Us and Obsessive Compulsion made short work of that. Then the band I've waited 15 years to see THERAPY? Demolished the building and my liver and kidneys. Fucking amazing night. I thank you all. collapse drunk about 4am. Winner!!!

Birmingham Academy

Saturday is Metal day in my books. Started by buying a load of Magners as to stave off any chance of sobriety. Lots of random shouting of Happy Metal day to anyone I saw. In just my boxer pulled up to my nipples in a comedic Simon Cowell stance. Displaying a fine man camel toe...........The journey wasn't the most pleasurable. 
Soundcheck done cut the bandages off my fingers head off to the buffty pub as Brian calls it. The Wellington for a few ales. 
The gig was fucking great. Sold out. Closest to home gig we played, lots of friends and relations in the crowd. Another mental gig. Back to the bufty pub till they threw us out. On to the hotel to carry on until 3. Early night. 

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