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Wild Beasts (Reprise)
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Posted by sdanger on December 8, 2011 at 06:02 PM
Oslo Parkteatret Dec 7

After the madness of the Wolfie tour I had 1 night at home then off to Lundumb to fly out to Oslo to pick up the Wild Beasts tour again. I had a night on 'Arrys bus as I was flying the following morning. I don't do this panic rushing to catch a flight. Had a few bevvies and a good old catch up. Then morning off to Spoons for breakfast. Get a lift to Shatwick, the Ryan Air experience then Fuckin snow of Oslo. Oh joy!! 

Sweden Stockholm Debaser Dec 8

Traveling from Oslo to Stockholm i did the 1st 3 hours then went to bed. Got up after 2 hours kip. Didn't have to it turns out. Mooch about go to make Bear (my double driver) a coffee. All the waters frozen bollox. Back to bed for an hour. Took longer to get to Stockholm a lot of ice on the roads. 
Doss about in venue go back to bus. Powers tripped fucks sake!!! 
Back to bed weather forecast for tonight heavy snow. Great esp as we're going over the mountains. Can't fuckin' wait. 

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