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Posted by sdanger on December 10, 2011 at 02:51 PM
The snow didn't turn up. But driving sleet did. Down to just under 
1/4 tank of fuel. Don't 
Want to fill up at Swedish prices so pull in I'll 1/2 fill. Will I fuck the pump wouldn't take my fuel card. No one in the station so my credit card was used. Poxy pump cut off after SK500 worth of fuel. 30 litres I want 200. Fuck this I'll try my luck next services. By now I'm piss wet through and bastard freezing. My thumbs had gone weird. And the bastard receipt blew out of the machine before I could grab it. I was chasing it round the iced up shit arsed forecourt. I sulked back to my bus made a coffee then sulked some more. Bear got up I was a bit knackered so he took over after a quick piss stop. I got up after 3 hours then took us into Malmo. The Debaser is a strange looking cricket pavilion type affair, no power left out. Have to keep the engine running till someone turns up too cold to turn the heating off. They did great in house food  then I had a Quick clean while the band were on. Back to bed for the massive 3/4hr drive to Copenhagen. 


Panic, PANIC real low on fuel last stop before the bridge n tunnel into Denmark is off the motorway. I knew there was a fuel station by the airport, didn't know you can't get a bus into it. BOLLOX trusty Doris my Scat Nav said there 
Was a station on route, phew!!! Just as the fuel light came on. Took my fuel card. 300 Litres please. Happy Danger! Park outside the venue power up....Aaaaaaaaand sleep

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