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Last Days of Wild Beasts.....,Boo Hoo :'(
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Posted by sdanger on December 15, 2011 at 02:20 AM
Bastard, Bastard really wanted to catch the last show, or part of it but slept through. Long haul to the ferry in Rotterdam. What The Fuck 2 German truck stops woefully low on Haribo, and only a handful of wine gums to last. Finished my driving Bear takes over as the crew kept dangling a cold bottle of beer in my face. Get to ferry port hours early. To the pub before embarkation. Utter shit Guinness Sam n Tim the Swag had. I got 3 nice pints of Jupiler. Onto the ferry. 3 Wrongbow then bed. Fuck Me bear can't half snore.  Pinged wide awake at 3 bears snoring wouldn't let me sleep. Breakfast in the truckers lounge. The usual stories I guess. As I couldn't understand the low murmur of former Eastern European. 
Bear did the first 4 hours I went back to sleep. Now we're just passing Oxford Services its 7pm. 12 hours since Hull. Just Bear Gav n Me on the bus in the miserable rain. Rock and indeed Roll....

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