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Posted by sdanger on December 16, 2011 at 08:07 AM
What the Fuckity Fuck....Missed this shizz sorreeeee. Not that many folk read my hard work!!!
Oxford Academy
Ah the gleaming spires of Oxford, home of the intellectual elite of this green and pleasant gland. 
Here's a question if these people are so intelligent. Why are they the biggest Stupidest CUNTS ON THE PLANNET?? 
There is not one time I've been to Oxford and not wanted to kill some FUKIN' pissed up dumb CUNT 'stewdent'
Of you're going to ride your fuckin wanky black push bike all over the road, wearing all black and no lights. Cos you're a 'legend' please don't get upset if I mow you down because I didn't see you as its FUCKING NIGHT AND YOU'RE AS GOOD AS INVISABLE. Yeah! Real intelligent. FUCKING PRICK!!! 
That said I do like Oxford Atomic Burger shit load of pubs pretty scenery. There's a lot worse places in the World. Brian the drivers stomping ground. Stumpy from the Almighty turned up!!! Oh deary, deary me. I saw Gallows in the Academy 2 with Frank hanging from the rafters blood pouring down his face a good night. 
Was a tad apprehensive as this hadn't sold as well as the other shows. But a healthy walk up crowd laid my fears to rest. The show went off like a hot bottle of Champers that's been shaken like a porn star going for the money shot. I heard Stumpy heckle Blaze. Kelli from Obsessive got up and sung Ezy with us. Metal salutes on high on to the drinking, drug taking, bestiality, S&M and bondage. 
We had a FUCKIN' great tour a FUCKIN' great time. Roll on the festivals and the next TOUR. Howling Mad Shitheads. You fuckin' betchya. LOVE YOU ALL (esp the laydeez). Steve Doctor Danger. Dx. 

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