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Oz Tra fuckin Layzee er
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Posted by sdanger on January 5, 2012 at 12:11 PM
I flew out of Heathrow 18:45 Christmas eve heading for New Zealand and Australia for a month. 
I don't know what it is, I've not liked Christmas in the UK for years now. Yeah miserable bastard that I am, my fucked up sleep pattern isn't assisting my mood in any way either, there's just something about it that doesn't fill me with joy and happiness. And this year especially with the way the fucktarded pricks who have managed to blow all the country's finances on whatever they've spent all our futures on seemed worse than most. 
I stayed at home last year and it was fine, I just needed to get away and a road trip round OZ seemed perfect. 
So with all of a weeks planning I packed my bags at 6:30 Christmas eve morning and set off for Dangerbus's yard where I was leaving my car. 
I've learned the most stress free way to travel is to write off any day you're travelling and just get everywhere stupidly early. (People with kids sorry you can't do this). 
Get to the airport with loads of time to spare, straight to the pub after check in. Chill!!
1st leg to Hong Kong plane rammed!! A couple of beers on the plane sleep. 
Hello Hong Kong airport 8 hour stop over. Fuck the stress I'm not going anywhere find the Irish bar. I've been here a few times and can't find it nooooooooo!!!! So that's why I'm in the Carlsberg 1. "I'll have some nachos as well mate". That's Christmas dinner as well then. 
Board plane I know from my online check in that I've got a window seat of 3 empty but there's a row of 4 right next to me empty. There's 4 people behind me as we board so in theory if one of those fuckerz isn't in it it's mine. 
What's this an empty row of extra economy $100 extra for massive leg room. Think I'll just plonk myself here and see what happens. Danger gives himself a free upgrade. Champers Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. 

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