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What's that Skip. Dangers here again. Fak!!!
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 07:54 AM
I can't thank Nick and Mechelle enough for putting up with me, feeding, entertaining and making me feel at home for the second time. Youd've thought they would have learned 3 years ago. Thanks guys. Xx
Nicks second bike (the one I was to ride)  is a Honda CBR600F which is ridiculously small and light. Its all new and strange to me, ive only ridden a fully faired bike once before for about 15 mins. And takes 3 hours or so to start gaining confidence. There's no wind blast on your chest to indicate how fast you're travelling which is very unnerving at first. And the little fucker goes round corners like nothing I'd ridden before. We did Shepperton to Mansfield then Whitfield then Bright a good first day.

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