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How Fuckin' Fast
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:01 AM
Nick was able at first to catch me out with the torque of the Harley he'd wrong gear me as he accelerated away, I soon caught up after dabbing down 2 I'm used to being able to just twist the throttle and accelerate like a missile on my V-Max. The Honda is a 600 1/2 the size of my Max. 
That said once you get the little fucker up into its power band it flies 200kmh no worries as I zapped passed Nick dropping down a strait heading towards Bright. There's a certain point you have to back off as you approach the car in front at twice the speed limit you think. Shit is that a cop and brake pretty damn sharpish, also everything's all blurred so you can't be really sure. Bright was quite cool. Bad idea going away in summer hols, place was fuckin packed. Went to Brights own brewery and gave the wheat beer a fuckin' tanning. 

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