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Homeward Bound
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:14 AM
I can honestly say that he Australian Great Ocean Rd. is the best road trip I've done. Loads of great corners on the little Honda a fuckin' great bike for this terrain. Riding into Anglesea we encountered 2 very wide Harley's. 
Nick said he couldn't believe how slow they were going. We couldn't get past them as their handlebars made them as wide as a car each and they were so low they couldn't get round the slightest corner. Still I suppose if you want to pose you need to crawl along. 
Anglesea, Baccus Marsh and to Shepperton 
The treck to Shep. Nick avoided as much of the freeway as possible which was great. The road to Baccus took us through the Lerderberg state park. Had a pie in Baccus then to Shep. Hit the bottle store for beers. Aaaaaaaaaand relaxxxxx. 

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