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09-01-2012 Nico's Chop Shop
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Posted by sdanger on January 11, 2012 at 08:16 AM
Nicks fork seal had gone pop and his back tyre had squared off nicely so it needed some work doing on it. we went round to Whiskas's place for a few beers he needed a new back tyre as well so it was off to Nickos chop shop the next day. Jessie Whiskas's son on his sweet looking sporster or Slugger as he affectionately called by Whiskas Nick and myself.  Roll round early afternoon to Nicko workng on this mad looking red chop looked pretty neat. Then I nosed about his work shop. There was a mad burnt orange fairly stock affair apart from a huge supercharger bolted to the side and Nicko's own chop. With a mad twin carb set up and a cool suicide shift In the shape of a shotgun. I'll put pix up. 
Back to Nicks for beer and to watch the Guard as he'd downloaded it. 

10-01-12.............Off to Melbourne for a last night of bowze in Australia. Im going with a great tan on me baldy heed. Well it would be a great tan if it wasn't peeling like I've got leporacy. It's a good look for the laydeez. My head resembles a tiger loaf in Asda's bakery. 

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