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Wild Beast European Tour
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Posted by sdanger on November 8, 2011 at 06:29 PM
Hamburg-Campnagle-Nov 4
Yassss Hamburg. Reeperbhan, St Pauli (new clothes), great restaurants. Hang on East Hamburg what the fuck????  
Drive into the courtyard, the key to the barrier it taped under the letterbox. Hmmmmmm!! As it turns out the venue is yet again as old German factory of a certain vntage that I will not mention. Suffice to say on the evidence presented to both myself and Olly monitor guy. We deduced that we are playing in an old natzi submerine factory. And nothing anyone could say could persuade us different. 20 mins in a cab from Reeperbhan can't be arsed with that shizz. Ah well another day dossing about the venue. A few coffees and watch the band.  Nice. 

 Cologne-Gabaude 9-Nov 5

Oochya cunt. Parking across the entrance. Good job swag man Toms up to help me reverse in. After a bit of fucking about and German upsetting we get in. Well it's a bit of a punk gig. Can't be arsed moving from the bus, read a fair bit then watched the show. 

Day Off-Nov 6

AMSTERDAM full steam ahead. Did a snidey sneak into parking behind the Melkweg. Can't park till 12. Danger in breakfast at 7 get the fuck in. Gav suggested the footy at 11. I was wankered by 4, in bed for 7. Wide awake at 12 watching films till 7. 
Sam and Tommy swag rolled in at a respectable 5 with a fantastic diatribe. "Fuck Scotty fuck you all. I piss shit on all of the stoner pussies, this is how you get fucked up in Amsterdam.  Absolute genius......

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