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Wild Beasts Winter 2011
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Posted by sdanger on November 16, 2011 at 12:44 PM
Amsterdam-Melkweg-Nov 7

I like the Melkweg the venues are great sold out show tonight. I bimbled about the Dam from the early hours had a massive walk just deliberately not taking any notice where I'm going. I must go on a canal trip one day, the number of times I've been there. Ended up back in the Irish bar for food and Guinness. 

Brussels-Le Botanique-Orangerie-Nov 9

Steady trundle through Belgium Cops like to take money off you here. Go into Brussels on an unfamiliar Rd as I've got loads of time. Get to the venue at 7 there's another bus in my parking spot. We were told we were OK until 9. I wasn't that arsed so double parked outside a hotel. Come 9:30 it's taking the piss a bit the other bands tour manager had told his crew they were OK until 12. They didn't look best pleased when they finally got to their bus. Oh well Rock n Roll. Great gig tonight band are well on it now. 

Britain - Nov 10

Chunnel Fr very cheap wine me n Olly grabbed a few cases

Birmingham - institute - Nov 11

Yayyyy Brum yayy 2 night liners with trailers ain't gonna fit in that yard. We're in the bigger room sold out we get the park!! Drag the arse off my bus wheels spinning to get parked....Relax Café Rouge for breakfast, Big Bull for dinner. Well Irish centre fed us in typical Irish style. 'Were out of pie tops so we've put more potato on them' genius. 
Met Jaseface in The Big Bull for a Guinness he bought me a few CD's they look well cool. And fliers for the shows. 
Wild Beasts were awesome tonight including crowd surfers???? If you've heard their music style you'd be puzzled at that too. 

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