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Album Nudes
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Posted by sdanger on September 19, 2011 at 08:55 PM
Spent the arvo at the resplendent Majestic Splendour with Jase Face and Jeff. Listening to the bollock trembling new recordings of the new album. You need to make sure your cock is screwed on tight if you're a bloke. And your uterus is in secure if you're a guuurl as embarrassment may ensue when we cum in your ears. Whilst bathed in the fantastic laser beam light reflecting off the myriad of glitter balls that adourn our studio. Today I laid down some bad ass timpani and a gong accenting on one of our orgasmic outpourings. Easy laydeeez there reach for the tissues it's gonna give you that warm, tingling, vybrrraaaaattttionzzzz you know the sort of washing machine on fast spin vibes. The sort your husband wishes he could but we can. All thriller and filler. In a sexshuaal way that's WOLFSBANE....Get on it or make way for someone who really wants it. Steve luuuurve doctor Danger.  Dx. 

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